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Wine Storage: 5th of 6 key factors: Odours

Wine Storage: 5th of 6 key factors: Odours

Like many other food and drink items, in certain conditions wine can create extraneous odours. Sure, wine is largely protected from this through a glass bottle and cork. However, there are situations in which undesired smells can contaminate wine.

Wine should not be stored next to hot oil or other chemicals. Organic foods such as vegetables are also to be treated with caution. Potatoes, for example, can carry fungal spores onto corks. These can change the taste of wine.

Smoke odours are not strictly speaking damaging, but can negatively impact the enjoyment of wine. You can’t avoid a little transfer via the wine cork. For these reason, wine should not be stored for extended periods in kitchens, garages or other rooms where strong odours are formed. If storage in such areas cannot be avoided, you might consider investing in a wine cooler which ‘bars’ external odours.