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8 Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Bar Setup

8 Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Bar Setup

At home bars are becoming increasingly popular as we are all spending more time in our homes. In fact, over the last 90 days, there has been an 80% increase in Google searches for “at home bars.” Because almost all bars and restaurants are currently closed, it seems that this may be the perfect time to start creating an entertaining bar area in your home. When creating and designing your home bar setup, homeowners are getting inventive, using previously wasted space or converting part of their basements into places of relaxation and enjoyment. Here are 8 tips to consider for your own home bar setup.

1. Turn wasted space into functional space

The empty wall you’ve been trying to find a use for, the little closet you don’t need or even use, or the nook you’re not sure what to do with, all can easily be transformed into a little home bar. Adding some shelves or cabinets allows for creative displays and small countertops, a console table, or bar cabinets will also give you a nice working space for a home bar setup. Use that wasted space in your home by creating a simple yet functional home bar.

2. Show off your wine collection

Fantastic wine displays are growing in popularity, with the wine cellar coming to the forefront. Glass fronted wine coolers are a nice choice because they keep the wine storage space refrigerated and allow your wine to be admired by others. You can also invest in shelves and storage for wine that does not need to be refrigerated. This option shows off your wine collection in another tasteful and beautiful way.

wine bar

3. Make cabinetry beautiful

There are so many different cabinet options available for storing drinks, bar glasses, and any other bartending tools. You might want to opt for cabinets with glass doors, floating shelves, or a fun and interesting cabinet design. These cabinet options will allow you to show off your collection of wine and spirits or unique cocktail glasses while also being very practical. Choose a cabinet design that flows with the existing design of your home. You can also add a pop of color to make your area stand out.

4. Be thoughtful about lighting

Putting a little extra thought and time into designing the perfect home bar setup goes a long way. The lighting can be just as important as the overall design. You can choose to install under cabinet lighting, unique pendants, rope lights tucked under shelves, or LEDs that change color.

wine bar

5. Head to the basement

It’s so handy to have a home bar in a finished basement, whether it’s used for keeping juice, sodas, waters, and popcorn for family movie nights, or for creating new cocktails while hosting your family and friends. If you have the space available, start creating a home bar setup in your basement now. Start by building a countertop and installing some cabinets. Luxurious extras include a sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator so you don’t have to carry all your supplies up and down the stairs. This basement bar is the perfect place to have fun from the privacy of your own home.

6. Stock up on bar essentials

If you are planning on creating your own home bar setup you will want to make sure you stock it with the essentials. You can choose to go the traditional route and mimic a professional bar by buying all the liqueurs and tools, or you can customize your bar for what you like to drink most. Grab your favorite drinks and mixers and stock up on them. 

You’ll also want to think about the essential bar tools you will need to help you create and mix your drinks. The most common tools you should stock your bar with include; a cocktail shaker, jiggers, mixing spoon, mixing cups, a muddler, beer and wine opener, and a variety of different drink glasses. If you are lucky enough to have a refrigerator and freezer in your bar then buying some unique ice cube trays can definitely add extra flair to your drinks.

wine bar

7. Accent with reclaimed wood

People wanting to add an accent wall in reclaimed wood are finding a home bar is the perfect place to do it. Adding a reclaimed wood accent wall to your home bar setup is a quick and easy way to introduce an organic element into your home. Adding this accent wall is an inexpensive investment that can transform even the smallest spaces.

8. Decorate with purpose

A home bar is a perfect place to get creative with your design. You can add a pop of color to draw attention or you can match the colors with the rest of your home. You can enhance the space with fun signs or unique art as well as trendy bar stools or backsplashes. Have a favorite sports team? Add some fan gear and maybe even a small TV to watch your favorite games. The options are endless. Make your home bar setup a place that makes you happy and somewhere you look forward to hanging out. 

Originally Published on Redfin by Lexi Klinkenberg