Wine Storage: 6th key factor: Temperature

Wine Storage: 6th key factor: Temperature

For effective wine storage, it always comes down to correct temperature.

Optimal temperature for wine storage:
Wine, red and white, should be stored at 10 – 14°C. This allows wine the optimal opportunity to mature and develop.

Optimal temperature for all-round enjoyment:
White wine should not be stored below 7-8°C . This only applies to a small part of the white wines – many are drunk at above 10°C, otherwise an important part of their aroma is lost.

Red wines can be drunk at a maximum 16°C or depending the wine at a cooler temperature. This is because as soon as the wine is poured it warms up within a few minutes at around two degrees. This means that after a short period most red wines are already at their upper temperature limit. Basically, a heavy red is best drunk at 17-19°C, while simpler and particularly younger red wines are to be drunk at 14-16°C.

As a rough guide for ideal drinking temperatures try the following:

Light white or rosé wine 9-10°C

Sweet wine 11-13°C

Light red wine 14-16°C

Heavy red wine: 17-19°C

Time and again, temperature difference in air-conditioned cellars or cooler compartments of wine coolers are an issue. Now, the temperature is varied within a cool area, between high and low, back and front, according to cooling activity and the relationship of outer to inner temperature. The temperature in the lower part of a large cooling area tends to be a few degrees cooler than right at the top.

This can be exploited. Relevant wine types can be sorted to below or above. Every wine has its own optimal drinking temperature.

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