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SWISSCAVE Wine Fridges and Humidors

Becoming a wine connoisseur - how to learn to really enjoy wine
Wine sommelier - what does he do and why do we need them?
What happens to wine when it’s exposed to summer temperatures?

SWISSCAVE stands for quality and sustainability

SWISSCAVE Wine Fridges and Humidors


SWISSCAVE meets the highest standards when it comes to storing and maturing wine, resulting in perfect pleasure when drinking it.

For optimal wine presentation and temperature control in hotels, restaurants and wine shops (HORECA).
Also great for ageing your finest bottles over the years at home. Whether in the kitchen, the lounge, storeroom or basement.

  • simple, purist appearance
  • active, electronic humidity management system
  • optimal arrangement: up to 210 bottles
  • wooden pull-out racks on steel ball bearings. smoothly shifting and lockable.
  • low vibration – for optimal long-term storage
  • low noise!
  • glass – stainless steel – genuine high-quality wood – classy look and feel
  • combined active and passive convection cooling
  • dual or single temperature zone models
  • low power consumption: high energy efficiency
  • home delivery
  • air quality – thanks to its active carbon filters

SWISSCAVE used wine connoisseurs with extensive expertise to design and test its wine cellars and coolers. SWISSCAVE is famous for its high standards in functionality and practicality, and its simple, pure design. We paid special attention to the materials used to construct our products: glass, stainless steel, wood – plastic components are notable by their absence.