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SWISSCAVE strives for sophisticated aesthetics. The achievement of this goal is reflected in the look of our products: clean lines, quality materials, and subtle colours – an appearance that subscribes to a purist model.

At SWISSCAVE, technology serves no other purpose than to optimize wine storage. That means that even though we provide exceptional functionality, user elements, displays, etc. are understated and unpretentious in appearance, and simple and intuitive in use.

While the purist aesthetic of SWISSCAVE is beyond doubt, we do occasionally receive questions about the design/aesthetic details of our wine coolers. Below we will discuss the different aesthetic aspects such as colour, lighting, choice of materials, and appearance.

Model WL450FL (Ambiente Interior)

Ambience, bottle presentation, lighting

Depending on where you plan on putting your unit, you may wish to turn your wine cooler into a showpiece. This may be used in restaurants and hotels, or in the home of the discerning wine lover. This is why SWISSCAVE has designed an exclusive edition with high-grade, reddish-brown racks made from tropical sapele (Mahogany) wood, combined with the subtle lighting of the entire cabinet interior. All wine racks from top to bottom are evenly bathed in warm, soft, amber light, making the cabinet a visual magnet. No additional lighting is required to read the labels of the bottles on the presentation racks (where the bottles are in a slightly tilted position) or the extended flat racks.

Door – opening to the left or the right?

In the industry, right-mounted doors have become the established norm, which is why SWISSCAVE units are supplied as standard with right-mounted doors (opening to the right). You can always request a left-mounted door when ordering a unit. This makes sense when a door that opens to the right is impractical or impossible due to building constraints (black edition models have reversible doors). Some people order two units and position them next to each other with the door handles in the middle (one door opening to the right, the other to the left). We would caution against this. Two door handles meeting in the middle creates a kind of “closet ” effect which takes away from the aesthetic appeal. Parallel alignment of the two units creates a clean, tidy effect that enhancing the appearance of the units.

Side Wall View (frame colour: black)

Choice of cabinet color

SWISSCAVE wine coolers are supplied in black as standard. The side walls are made of black-coated sheet steel. With its matte black finish with a smooth surface, it shows no sign of the structuring or pattern (see archive photos). When the unit is delivered, it is covered in a transparent, protective foil, which can be removed prior to starting its operation. The interior walls are also made of black-coated aluminium.

Sometimes the sidewalls are requested in a particular colour (eg. red or brown). However, we recommend ordering it in black. Black units tend to be understated and stay in the background, drawing the attention to the meticulously crafted glass front door of the unit, as well as the wonderful wines that found behind it. Furthermore, particular colours tend to compete with other colours used in the décor, and only seldom do they match existing furnishings. Black, on the other hand, is unobtrusive and blends in with any colour scheme.


Air supply and position of ventilation openings

With SWISSCAVE, the air supply is handled through ventilation openings located at the bottom of the unit. This ensures proper heat dissipation. Several photos in the archive show that these openings are visible, possibly negatively affecting the appearance of the unit.

In reality, these ventilation openings are black and recessed below the unit door. So they are not visible if you are standing near the unit (see photo). Because the ventilation openings are recessed, they remain in the shadows and are hardly noticeable even when the looking at the unit from a distance. All attention is focused on the full-panel glass door in the refined stainless steel frame, and the wine bottles behind it.

Front View Wine Cabinet – Single Zone Model WL450F

Aesthetic aspects of wine temperature control cabinets / wine coolers (colors, surfaces, finish)