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What is the correct wine temperature?
When the wine is taken out of the wine cooler, opened, and poured into a glass, the temperature of the wine increases by 2 degrees (Celsius) within just a few minutes. This rapid rise in temperature should be taken into consideration particularly if the wine cooler is used to manage the temperature of the wine.

How can I remove extendable racks from the wine cooler?
SWISSCAVE wine coolers allow for easy removal or replacement of the extendable wine racks. No tools are required.

Why is my wine cooler so loud?
Compressor-based cooling appliances have many advantages: long life as well as a relatively high energy efficiency when running at full capacity. However, compared to thermo electric cooling devices, for example, . . .

Why is my wine cooler indicating an incorrect temperature?
Wine lovers are always surprised about how cool, not cool, cold, or even warm the wine is that they just pulled out of their wine cooler and served. What is the actual temperature inside the wine cooler and what is the actual temperature of the wine itself?

My wine cooler is not working after I turned it on. What should I do?
1. Make sure the unit is plugged in correctly and that the outlet you are using has power. This can be easily done by plugging another electrical device, such as a table lamp, into the outlet.
2. Make sure power button is turned on (upper right on the control panel).
3. If the temperature displays are illuminated, your unit is getting power. If not, then please contact our Customer Service department.
4. It may take 1 to 2 days to reach the desired/pre-set temperature. The displays may show variances, depending on air currents produced by the compressor and fan. The average temperature, however, will remain stable.

What is the warranty period?
For our products, we provide a two-year statutory warranty (malfunction on delivery) and a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee (defects during usage). Guarantees vary by components. The guarantee includes replacement parts and repair, but does not include on-site support or removal/transport of the unit. These coverages can be obtained through our On-site Maintenance Contract. For moving parts such as the compressor, for example, we provide a 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee (without repair).

In which colors is the wine cooler available?
SWISSCAVE wine coolers come standard in black . . . 

What are the precise proportions of the wine coolers?
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