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Posted on 7. May 2018

They can be. Now the products of SWISSCAVE are available in elegant black – neither too dark nor too pale. This creates the perfect opportunity for your wine cooler to simply stand there and look good; the wine cooler as aesthetic model. Who needs a Giacometti if they’ve got a SWISSCAVE wine cooler? Joking aside, […]



Posted on 7. May 2018

For effective wine storage, it always comes down to correct temperature. Optimal temperature for wine storage: Wine, red and white, should be stored at 10 – 14°C. This allows wine the optimal opportunity to mature and develop. Optimal temperature for all-round enjoyment: White wine should not be stored below 7-8°C . This only applies to […]



Posted on 7. May 2018

Like many other food and drink items, in certain conditions wine can create extraneous odours. Sure, wine is largely protected from this through a glass bottle and cork. However, there are situations in which undesired smells can contaminate wine. Wine should not be stored next to hot oil or other chemicals. Organic foods such as […]


Posted on 30. July 2016


Posted on 17. March 2016

What is the ideal humidity for wine? In principle the damper the better. We all know the wine cellars and stores of certain wine producers. Barrels and bottles are placed in vaults, cellars or even caves ranging from the damp to the dripping wet. The air in such an environment is frequently of up […]



Posted on 16. June 2015

How often do we see wine ‘exhibited’ in living rooms, restaurants, hotels or even wine shops! In bright daylight. In the shop window. Often in direct sunlight. Often for months, if not years. If you examine a bottle like this, it will be evident that the fluid has become clearer, more transparent, and that even […]



Posted on 19. December 2014

Wine does not like being disturbed. Wine should not be subjected to shaking or jolting. The older the wine, the more sensitive it is to any jarring. So, this begs the question – what about transporting wine? Wine dealers ship cases of wine via courier or postal service – what does that do to the […]



Posted on 30. November 2014

When the topic of conversation is wine storage, a lot of time is spent on the “right” temperature and how important it is to not be too warm, nor too cold, and stable. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with that discussion, except that with all the attention given to temperature, the most important factors are […]



Posted on 22. August 2014

When discussing bottle capacity in wine cabinets, the discussion generally focuses on two important factors: Maximum unit size; Whether the design maximizes the interior space of the unit. Size: Wine coolers come in all shapes and sizes, from units that only hold a few bottles to those that will not fit through a regular sized […]



Posted on 22. May 2014

The times when almost all 0.75 litre wine bottles were the same standard size are definitely over. Over the last few years, bottle shapes and lengths that often deviate far from the norm have become more established. This leads to new challenges for wine storage, and particularly for wine storage in wine coolers. There […]



Posted on 22. May 2014

SWISSCAVE wine coolers allow extendable racks to be easily removed and replaced. No tools are required. Removing the rack: Note the small plastic springs of the metal guides on both sides of the extended rack. (See picture). With your fingers, push the left spring upwards and the right spring downwards so that the rack can […]



Posted on 8. April 2014

Compressor – based cooling appliances have many advantages: long life and relatively high energy efficiency while running at full capacity. However, compressor cooling units, depending on unit use, make more noise than thermo-electric cooling appliance. The sounds emitted by a compressor are similar to the noises a regular kitchen refrigerator makes every day. But since […]



Posted on 1. March 2014

Wine lovers are always surprised by how cool, not cool, cold or even hot the wine is when it comes out of the wine cooler cabinet. What temperature do I actually have in the wine cellar and what temperature is the wine itself? The one on the cabinet display? or a different one? Why is […]



Posted on 1. March 2014

SWISSCAVE strives for sophisticated aesthetics. The achievement of this goal is reflected in the look of our products: clean lines, quality materials, and subtle colours – an appearance that subscribes to a purist model. At SWISSCAVE, technology serves no other purpose than to optimize wine storage. That means that even though we provide exceptional […]

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